Author and instructor of didactic and development projects through art in practice.

She conducts classes for:

  • CHILDREN –at the Academy of Arts, Your Academy and Culture Club Gocław
  • ADULTS– workshops on exploring one’s own potential through various art techniques and intuitive painting in cooperation with the Metamorfozy Foundation and Gallery
  • SENIORS – at the European Center of the Universities of the Second and Third Ages
  • INDIVIDUALS – at the Metamorfozy Foundation and Gallery

She approaches students individually, encouraging them to observe nature, but also to take up unusual topics and experiment freely. In a relaxed and creative atmosphere, she inspires them to create in their own original style in various visual arts. Art classes for children are becoming great fun, whereas art workshops for adults are a relaxing break from everyday life. Beautiful works are the result in both cases.


Academy of Arts , ul. Walecznych 2, Warsaw ( sign up ):

  • children aged 7-12, Saturdays

Metamorphosis Foundation and Gallery , ul. Marszałkowska 81, Warsaw:

  • children and adults – individual lessons (contactthe teacher to sign up)

Gocław Culture Club , ul. Abrahama 10, Warsaw 

  • children aged 5-11, suspended

European Center of the University of Second and Third Ages , classes at the Warsaw-Gocław Culture Club (as above):

  • adults, suspended